Who do we consider a

LAYMANS' Partners are the Lawyers, Paralegals, Notaries, Mediators, Process Servers, Professors, Deliverymen, Experts, Students, Public Servants, Startups, and Organizers who make our Movement possible.

What we offer you

LAYMANS is like a Fiverr or TaskRabbit for your legal business with analytics and a community to boot. You can Earn Good, by doing Good with us. 

Starting at $79/mo*

* = Priced by quote, based on Revenue, Organization Size, and Sector.


Manage your brand on multiple platforms through our platform with your own landing page.


Get a steady stream of reliable clients straight to your inbox. Communicate with them on-the-go.

APIs & Webhooks

Work through your favorite tools by integrating directly to our end points.

Last-Mile Services

Complete your outreach with the services of other partners. Allowing you to make revenue far beyond your office address. 

Pre-Verify your Account

Common questions from legal professionals

Don't hesistate to ask us more: hello@laymans.app 

How much does it cost to market my services?

Our pricing is flexible based on your budget and business goals. Packages start at $79 per month for the basics.

What is your audience size and reach?

We have over 50,000 monthly visitors searching for legal help in your practice areas. Our matching technology provides targeted visibility to clients needing your services.

How many leads could I expect to generate each month?

It varies, but most attorneys see a 30-50% conversion rate from impressions to leads. We also provide lead nurturing tools to help you follow-up and convert more prospects.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Billing is handled through secure Stripe integration and decrypted client-side.

How do you ensure data security for my org?

Our platform meets banking-level 256-bit SSL encryption standards. Access is restricted and activity logged. We are compliant with ABA cybersecurity protocols.

All information provided is for purely educational purposes, and not legal advice.
Layman's is not a Lawyer, we just connect you to the law.

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