What is the Access to Justice gap?

Over 80% of civil legal issues reported by low-income Americans in 2020 received not enough or no legal assistance at all. This crisis disproportionately impacts rural and urban communities alike by enabling predatory corporate practices, abusive relationships, and biased institutions to continue unchecked. The ripple effects undermine human potential and fracture communities. 


new unresolved issues a year

1 out of 3

has a legal issue unresolved

2x more likely



Cases without Representation

What are the Challenges of Self-Representation?

Self-represented litigants often face significant challenges navigating the legal system without an attorney. They may experience intimidation from opposing counsel; the complexity of laws and court procedures can lead to burnout, self-doubt, and overwhelm. Legal justice is difficult to obtain for those without means.


Success rate


Wasted costs


Of Legal Issues Multiply


Can't get help

Who does Legal Inaccessibility Impact Most?

The American court system is overloaded and outdated, causing extensive delays that disproportionately impact minorities, the working class, and even lawyers themselves. With limited time and resources, attorneys struggle to determine which of the many deserving clients to offer their services to. Streamlining the intake process would increase access to justice for underserved communities while allowing lawyers more opportunities to take on cases.



9 mos

Average Time to Hearing


Of Attorneys have Job-Burnout 


Fail to bring in New clients

From Our Pilot Test

User Need Statements

I lost custody of my children because I couldn't afford a lawyer to represent me.

Mother of two

I was fired from my job when my employer retaliated against my OSHA complaint, and I couldn't afford to fight back.

Student Worker

I lost my home because I couldn't afford legal help to fight an unjust eviction.

Retired veteran

I was denied disability benefits that I desperately needed due to lack of legal aid.

Elder Patient

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